A section of the Farm at Agritopia is devoted to those who would like to grow their own crops. This community garden is made up of over 40 individual 20′ x 20′ plots along with a communal tool shed, gathering area, shaded sitting areas and pathways. The goal is for this area to also be very productive, beautiful and educational as a true community of gardeners where experiences and knowledge are shared. While the plots are reserved for the gardeners themselves, the pathways are open to the public, so that they can check out the variety bursting forth from the different plots.

You’ll find everything from sugar cane to chiltepins along with ornamental flowers, fragrant herbs & colorful decorations.

The plots are leased by the year and are obtained by signing up on the waiting list. Included in the nominal lease is your plot, water, access to the tool shed and social functions of the gardeners. These functions include such gatherings as “Preserve the Harvest Party” focusing on how best to preserve the produce for use throughout the year and “Garden Salsa Contest” where gardeners show off their use of ingredients from their plot.