The largest portion of the Farm at Agritopia is set aside for our commercial farming operation. This farming area is made up of three main sections: the row crops, the citrus and stone fruit orchard, and the date palm and olive tree grove. These sections were carved out and planted starting in 2002 and have been continuously farmed to organic standards since then. In 2013 we decided to have our farm certified and since then it is also USDA Certified Organic. If you come to visit Agritopia, sidewalks and pathways ring each area and grapevine lined pathways and arbors criss-cross the row crop portion of the farm.

We encourage you to walk the area anytime to see what is growing.

The produce of the farm changes by season as we do not do greenhouse or hydroponic growing. You will find everything from Medjool Dates (considered the very best variety) to Blood Oranges and colorful heirloom tomatoes bursting with flavor, even exotic varieties of leafy greens.

The bountiful production of the farm is sold to both retail customers and restaurants. Located on the west side of Barnone , the farm operates a self-service store stocked with some of the best selling items. Another great way to purchase the produce is via the farm’s CSA program. For what amounts to a small weekly sum, you get a box of the freshest seasonal produce. The farm also sells its produce to over 20 different restaurants, including Joe’s Farm Grill, the original home of the Johnston Family.