The Farm at Agritopia is meant to preserve agriculture in the urban environment. Our three principles or “legs of the stool” are Productivity, Beauty & Education.

By Productivity we mean growing a bountiful abundance of everything that thrives in our soil: dates, olives, citrus, peaches, lettuce, beets and everything in between. And sustainability is key which for us means growing organically. Growing organically is also best for the health of our farmers, the local environment and those who consume our produce.

We also want to grow crops in a Beautiful way. Plants and farm animals are naturally beautiful, so it up to us to set up growing environment in an aesthetic manner, considering form, color and arrangement.

Education is increasingly important as people in the urban environment become more and more separated from where and how their food is produced. We have a great opportunity to show people how food grows, seasonality, the life cycle of plants and how farm animals can live a very good life.